Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our affiliate program or Interwin?

About our Affiliate Program

Age requirement?

To join our affiliate program you need to be at least 18 years old or above.


Do I need to pay for registrations fee?

You will not be charged any fees to be our affiliate partner. It’s 100% FREE.


What are the supported currencies?

We support any currencies such as: poundsterling, USD, etc. For those located outside Indonesia (IDR) and Malaysia (MYR), every transaction will be converted from IDR to other currencies or equivalent.


How long does it take for registrations to be approved?

We aim to process your registration in 2-5 working days. We will contact you as soon as possible upon successful registration.


Forget username or password?

Agent can retrieve their username and password by emailing us at [email protected] Our customer service representative will be with you as soon as possible. We are online 24 hours.


Is my personal information secure?

We make sure that your details are secure all of the time. Interwin will not disclose your personal information to any third party.


About Interwin

1. How to Register?

  • Open on your browser and select your preferred country.
  • On the top right of the page, click “Join” button.
  • Fill in all the information required by the valid/correct data in the registration form and click “Submit” to send the form.
  • After registration, we will send you a confirmation to your email address.
  • You are successfully joined. Please login with your username, password, and verification code and click the “Login” button.


2. How to Play?

  • First, you have to login to your account to be able to play, input your username and password, and then click the “Login” button.
  • After login, kindly read the “Agreement statement rules of Interwin” and click agree to continue.
  • After successful login, you can start choosing your preferred GAMES such as: sports, live casino, slots, keno & lottery and poker.
    Example: Click Live Casino and click “PLAY NOW” to play your preferred casino game.
    *make sure you have credit in your account to be able to play. If not, you can deposit to your account.


3. How to Deposit?

  • Contact our Customer Service (online 24 hours) to obtain information about the Interwin deposit account number.
  • Once transfer is successful, please login to Interwin website and select “Transaction > Deposit” on menu bar.
  • Deposit form must be filled by using a valid and correct data.
  • Fill the deposit amount without any dot/comma symbol. Ex: 1000 (one thousand ringgit).
  • Enter the correct date and time (am/pm).
  • Choose selected promotion, if any.
  • Select “submit” and please be waited while your deposit is being processed.


4. How to Withdraw?

  • Please login to Interwin website and select “Transaction > Withdraw” on menu bar.
  • Fill the withdraw amount without any dot/comma symbol. Ex: 1000 (one thousand ringgit).
  • Choose the withdrawal bank type and select the bank option.
  • Withdraw form must be filled using valid/correct data (full name, bank account no, bank name, etc).
  • Select “Submit” and please be waited while your withdrawal is being processed.


5. How to change the password/forgot password?

  • After login, click on the “Change Password” on the top part of the page. Input your old password and new password. Click SAVE after completion.
  • Customer can retrieve username by email to us at [email protected] If member wish to retrieve password, login our web site, point on the lock button and there will come out forget password function, click and fill in particular details, password will reset and send to customer email.


Did not find the answer to your question?

If not, you can send us a message. Our staff will make sure to get back to you as soon as we can.